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The three Bakers Ltd began operating from September 1995. The philosophy of the company is governed by three major factors to achieve superior quality products:

- High quality supply of raw materials and the application of high standard production controls (we comform to ISO 22000 and HASSP & BRC approved.
- The maintenance of traditional recipes and tastes that represent our culrure and heritage.
- The provision of a fast, friendly and efficient delivery service to the end user as well as the the wholesale industry.

Our technically advanced equipment, in combination with our continuous and strict quality control throughout the production stages, (HACCP Certification) guarantee that our products will reach the market and our customers, with the highest hygiene standarts. Read More-


Try our traditional Satzi pita!
Satzi Pitta!Made by simple ingredients like sugar, water, flour and our traditional recipe, Satzi Pita gives you a unique smooth and sweet taste... Read more

What about our tasty Coupes!
Satzi Pitta!They are offered in three sizes: 135gr, 45gr and 25gr (with shelf life of 6 months) as well as in supermarket box (500gr).. Read more

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Συστατικά / Ingredients
We've provided an overview of each of our product ingredients in this section. The list demonstrates exactly the materials used in each item.
Συνιστώμενη χρήση / Recommended use
Suggestions for using the products. Our staff can suggest products and ideas for serving on events, parties, etc. For detailed recommendations regarding the usage of our products please do not hesitate to contact us.